AnnieSen's Comics Review

A personal view of graphic books from India and around the world

About me

My name is Aniruddha Sen Gupta, but everyone calls me Annie (therefore the blog name). I have been interested in comics since I was a young boy, and have had the opportunity to do some work in this area in the past 10-odd years.

My first major foray as a comics creator happened when, in 2010, I teamed up with the incomparable illustrator Priya Kuriyan to produce Our Toxic World, a graphic guidebook on environmental issues, published by the NGO Toxics Link and Sage Publications. Since then, Priya and I have collaborated on a number of smaller comics projects, including a regular column called ‘Second Nature’ that used to come out in ACK Media’s ‘Brainwave’ magazine, and a short comic for the DOGS! anthology brought out by Captain Bijli Comics in 2014.

Also in 2014, I guest-edited a special issue of Marg magazine on Indian comics. In 2018, I wrote an overview of Indian comics for Goan NGO Bookworm’s Torchlight magazine, which was reproduced in translation in Marsam, a well-known French comics magazine.

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